Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival with Mt. Hood in the background

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival with Mt. Hood in the background

Imagine a landscape so awash in color you’ll think you’re dreaming. Countless flowers bloom in a dazzling display so vivid you’ll have to come up with new words to describe the colors. This happens every year at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm at the annual Tulip Fest.

This year’s festival starts March 28 and runs all the way to May 4. Throughout that time, more than 40 acres of farmland will be set aglow by countless blooming tulips. As if the beauty of the flowers weren’t enough, the festival also includes a children’s play area with duck races, slides and swings, hayrides and pony rides, a crafters’ marketplace and food, to name a few. Two new attractions this year are:

  • Archery Tag: 10 minute game of dodge ball with blunted bows and arrows ($5.00 per person)
  • Paint Ball Shoot: Climb onto our paintball shooter and paint the tulips, 50 paintballs included in price. ($5.00 per person)

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival March 29-May 5 - over 40 acres of tulips and daffodilsEach year hot air balloons  also fly over the festival, mirroring the mix of colors below. The balloon flights are weather dependent, so be sure to check Wooden Shoe’s Facebook page for announcements.

Be sure to bring your camera, as the photo-ops are plentiful. From macro photography showcasing the beauty of a single bloom, to panoramic shots showcasing the fields in the foreground and Mt. Hood rising majestically in the back, the images will be priceless.

Of course, we’d be happy to share any photos you get. If you’re on Twitter or Instagram, be sure to use our #OMHT hashtag. You can also share shots on our Facebook page. See you at Wooden Shoe Farm!


Jarrod Lyman

Jarrod is the Communications Specialist for Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory. New to the region but a long-time tourism communications professional, he is enjoying exploring everything his new home has to offer.


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